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Leijla Foss- your coworker crush fantasy come true

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You've had a crush on me, the brainy brunette co-worker, for 7 months now. I’m too cute to have gone to Stanford and too seductive to be single. You can't help but stare at my perky, heart-shaped rear when I walk by. You fantasize about kissing my pouty rose-colored lips and long to run your hands from my lush hair down to my toned, feminine body.

I'm Leijla Foss. I’m the tall 23-year old with silky auburn hair and delicately sensual body you've been dreaming about. My fresh, soft skin is paired with full, rosy lips and attentive , soulful eyes. My mouth parts to reveal pearly whites and the cadence of a mature, clever and sophisticated young woman.

I have a refreshing combination of youth and experience. Plus, my sinful purity teases your curiosity. My delicious, intoxicating scent is the tether that keeps you close and wanting more.

I look forward to our time together.

You're craving something more. You're not looking for a purely physical attraction, but a connection that will stimulate all your senses. You're searching for a mental, intellectual and physical bond.

Thinking about our inevitable attraction is thrilling. Who can say what you'll enjoy more: a theoretical conversation about the cosmos over a 5-course dinner or exploring biology behind closed doors?

I'm your smart siren, cunning companion, talented tease, curious concubine, passionate paramour and darling date.
Message me if you're ready to enjoy some time together. I'm waiting for you.

Until we meet,

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