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You will find on me a thoughtful, respectful, appreciative, loving person. Available worldwide by appointment.

I bring a unique touch to the art of companionship. I have been told that I am the picture of class and elegance in public, well-spoken and composed. In private, I am warm, playful, and more than little wild.

I see every meeting as an opportunity to meet a new friend. So embrace the serendipities in life and squeeze out the most of each endeavor. An epic encounter can happen at any time and I would love to be the surprising connection you made most recently.

I give of my self generously. You will find me to be a great conversationalist for any event, dinner, lunch or breakfast.
My true hour-glass likeness is just the icing on the decadent cake. With full lips that are never far away from laughter and ocean-blue eyes framed by my blonde hair, you will find yourself entranced in my presence.

I am based in Bay Area surroundings and available locally with previous appointment, as well as nationally and internationally by invitation. I encourage you to peruse my website, blog and Twitter to get a true sense of what meeting with me is like and to find a more intimate window into who I am on a daily basis and what my interests are.

I love the outdoors for hikes, moutainbike, paddle boarding as well as a nice stay in setting;

You can often find me in a teather;

I am a fan of water sports, even though, I haven't learned how to swim;

I love to help others. I do dedicate time to volunteer or use my intelectual skills to help others;

You can find on me a confidant and great listener.

Some say that I could have been a comedienne, who knows, I won't leave my day job just yet :)

I will be delighted if you invite me to a trip.

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