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A porcelain beauty with a wicked smile.

I’m a native Californian of Chinese heritage with dark hair sweeping my shoulders, warm brown eyes, and a flash of dimples that can dissolve into infectious laughter. Beyond that, what can I tell you about myself in a few words?

I can tell you that I enjoy soaking in bubble baths, listening to live music, eating fine foods, and taking barre classes. I can tell you that I’ve attended one of the top public high schools in the nation, that I went on to receive a bachelor’s at a prestigious university. But what do you really want to know?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Once I dreamed I was able to bottle my favorite moments. Keep them in a capsule, relive them over and over. The warm scent of clean laundry, the taste of rich chocolate melting on the tip of my tongue, the muffled rustling of sheets as legs entwine. My body has been likened to a natural wonder and a glorious act of god, with the glowing radiance and mystique of a Renaissance painting. Let yourself experience a moment of profound reverence. Let me be Proust’s Madeleine. I want to be your favorite reoccurring dream.



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