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Faith Boudreaux · (916)246-6006 · San Francisco Escort

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Sweet, Genuine, Respectable, Devoted, Caring, Punctual, and Charismatic are a few words I would use to describe myself.

Sweet: I’m very kind, I take nothing and no one for granted. If there is a way or an opportunity for me to help I be the first to volunteer.

Genuine: I care about everything I do, I do things with a purpose and a reason you’ll find nothing faked or forced with me.

Respectable: I hold myself to a very high standard, while I consider myself very open minded I’m the kind of Girl you take home to Mom. Take me dancing, buy me some Flowers, romance me, I like sensual.

Devoted: I will give everything I have and more, you will find no one more loyal with a passion to please than Myself.

Caring: I’m a true nurturer, I embody that of what a woman should be soft and gentle to the touch, and with my touch as well its smooth and sweet.

Punctual: I will always be on time most cases 15 minutes early, there is nothing more important than your time, it will never be wasted or taken for granted.

Charismatic: I love to talk! I’m and equally good listen as I am speaker, you will always see the vivid, bright, outgoing me.

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