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Your favorite California Girl!

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I selected the name Claire Gold to reflect my minimalist taste and loving, compassionate heart-of-gold. A girl can learn a lot on her way from a small town to a big city. And while I’m well-educated, my social awareness, world travels, and spirited lust for new experiences are what truly shape my wisdom as a lover.

I can’t wait for you to indulge in my all-natural, athletic, and womanly figure. My background in gymnastics, swim, and pole dancing inform my physical confidence, strength, and flexibility. I am intimately unshaven while the rest is silky smooth. I enjoy my feminine balance of firm, natural breasts, strong upper body, and toned tummy steadied upon my proportioned hips and thighs. I know you will, too.

My style is ultra sleek and refined. Catch me on my way to our date in a modern and sumptuous outfit, wearing just enough makeup without ever compromising my promise of discretion. Gold jewelry, freshly manicured nails and adorable bra-panty sets are a few of my favorite things.

I have the ability to make any space feel like a comfortable, private refuge. I’m unburdened to embrace what you may see as your flaws. Let me take advantage of your thuddering heart in all best ways and assure you will feel appreciated for being YOU.

Independently marketing, booking and corresponding means you will always access the real me. From the moment you find my advertisement, to the moment you—ravished and relieved—kiss me goodbye after our unforgettable date, you can find solace in trusting the real Claire was there for only you all along.

Are you reserved or a chatter box? In need of tender-loving-care or fearless exploration? Let’s nail the perfect balance of passionate deviance and lightheartedness. It all begins with a simple email from you to me.

Please Note: I have several tattoos. They have been edited out of my pictures to preserve my anonymity. Under no circumstance do I share images including identifying features.

Yours in Sweet Adventure,
Claire Gold

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