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Over 35

Welcome to the world according to Audrey...

Here, we can be as playful as we are passionate, as wild as we are tender, and more curious than we ever thought possible.

There's something precious about this world, this little bubble of reality we can create together. And I truly love offering my time and my energy in this way because of that.

Here our desires can be freely expressed; our conversations as naked as our bodies.

If you are still reading this you must be a special kind of person - someone who values a precious opportunity to step away from the mundane daily grind and remember that life is an adventure. A chose your own adventure. And I would be honored if you decided to come create an adventure with me.

I can promise you I am an amazing adventure-mate :-)

I live a healthy active lifestyle that graces me with a soft yet lean and nimble body, that I've honed into a finely-tuned instrument of giving and receiving pleasure. Touch is my first and dearest language. I delight in exploring each other's bodies, finding each other's special spots that send us into bliss. You'll delight in running your fingers through my soft natural blonde curls and gazing into my deep ocean blue eyes.

I am attracted to men and women - I love playing with couples. And I love learning just for the sake of learning, so if you are also interested in sharing a meal or an event together, I can also promise you lively conversation and a genuine enthusiasm for any kind of cultural, musical, or entertainment experience.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure with me? The next step is emailing me at...

I am usually available to answer your email inquiry within an hour or two during normal business hours.
And while I am happy to have an adventure with you during the weekend or on a weekday evening, I do cherish getting time to "unplug" and so it may take longer for me to reply during those times.

Email address: 

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