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Aria Rinehart · San Francisco Escort

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Half-asian, half-elf looking for deep thinkers and witty conversation | Young sweetheart GFE

I went to an Ivy League University learning computer science. Halfway through, I realized that there was much more to the world than was taught in schools or even talked about. The default path felt monochromatic. The world called. So I soared, filling my life with joy and more intense experiences than I had even dreamed possible.

Along the way I've discovered my talents at companionship and how important connection is.

Now, I'm a hobby painter. I love dogs. I love nature. I want to help people get over the blocks in their minds that hold them back. I've done aerial silks in the past and sometimes when I watch a good performance I cry. I study biology in my spare time. I play chess and trade cryptocurrency. Do we have something in common? If we do.. I've been waiting for you.

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